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By John Payne (An Election Integrity Committee member)

So, you are interested in Election Integrity and wanting to do something about it. Maybe you even belong to a committee in a political party in your county and are looking for direction on how to go about the task, and in doing so you wonder do you attack the problem from a county level, state level or even national level? The answer to that is that it needs to be addressed at every level, and it needs to be addressed now, simultaneously at all levels. 2022 is just around the corner.

Most bothersome is that if we are going to allow the fraudulent election we have right now to stand, and we know the most massive part of the fraud came from flipping votes by the machines, we do not stand much of a chance of cleaning anything up with purging the roles, guarding against fraudulent mail-in ballots, fraudulent voters, and other such methods. That still needs to be done, but the number of votes that can apparently be flipped in the machines in a matter of seconds is going to be impossibly massive. If we really believe in EI, how could we possibly turn a blind eye to the biggest fraud in election history of the world that installed a President that actually lost the election by 20 million votes. The will of We The People was clearly short-circuited by a direct attack on the process by enemies of the Republic, both foreign and domestic. That is a direct attack on our Constitution. Our concurrent big problem is that we have a congress and judicial system that are unwilling to keep their oath to We The People. We just cannot let that get a pass; if we do, we won’t be any more viable than a gutted fish.

George Washington, in his farewell address, stated that surely if our elected officials ceased to represent us in a way that pleased us, certainly we would recall them at the next election. How is your county doing at identifying opponents for those who have displeased us? That is another very frustrating problem but is a chore that needs to be accomplished so that we have elected representatives who are faithfully representing us and protecting and defending our Constitution as written.

Obviously, we have a multi-faceted challenge facing us, and this huge challenge transcends all levels of government. There must be a concerted effort that is equal to the task at all levels – County, State and National. But, in today’s high tech heavy world, we need to recognize the Elephant in the room, and not allow that to eviscerate us ab initio. We simply cannot afford to allow our process, our Will and the franchise of our VOTE to be stolen from us. America First!


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