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A government by the people

with a silent majority

is headed for certain destruction.


Supporting A Proposed Bill

I’m Sally Patriot from Bandera County and I’m calling to let you know of my support of Bill 1234. It is important and passing or supporting this measure will help ensure election integrity. Thank you for listening and again, I support Bill 1234 and expect you will as well. (if there are supporting bills you’d like to see in this bill, or also passed, address that here) Please also look at Bill 4567 as support to this bill. I would like to see them incorporated into Bill 1234 or passed as standalone bills. That would make Bill 1234 even more effective and are just as important.  Now, is there anything I can do for Rep/Sen Smith?
Thanks again and have a great day!

Supporting A Bill That Has Already Passed

Hello, I’m Sally Patriot, I am calling to thank you for supporting Bill 1234. I really appreciate you fighting for Texas and this bill. I know you get a lot of calls and I appreciate that you are standing strong on this issue. Clear and commonsense laws are important and is something that is not partisan, and we can all get behind. We voters in Bandera County have your back (or support you wholeheartedly). Know that we will always support you in laws which strengthen the voices of Texas like Bill 1234. Keep up the fight!

Opposition To A Bill


Hello, I’m Sally Patriot from Bandera County and I wanted to bring to your attention Bill 9696 which I oppose. (now state one or more reasons why you oppose the bill, keep it to 2-3 sentences) If you can find a quote to support your claim, do so such as “I am reminded of the Founding Fathers who said “Necessity is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

Otherwise end with stating another bill that you do support that is in opposition. If there isn’t one, close your conversation with: 

Thank you for listening. I will be watching to see how support for Bill 9696 unfolds and your voting on it as well as contacting others to voice their opposition as well. I appreciate your time and attention. Have a good day.

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