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North Texas conservative group sets up shop in Bexar County

A conservative group that started in Fort Worth is starting a chapter in Bexar County, seeking to recruit and train activists to lobby politicians from Congress down to local school boards.

The True Texas Project began as a tea party group in Tarrant County back in 2009, organizing conservatives in one of the state’s Republican strongholds.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled it an anti-government group this year, including it on a list of groups that “believe the federal government is tyrannical” and “traffic in conspiracy theories about an illegitimate government.”

The group is best known for promoting conservative candidates in GOP primaries and pushing Republican officeholders to the right — something it now does through a rebranded statewide organization with 18 chapters in both red and blue counties across the state.

“Blue counties have fewer in attendance, but they are much more passionate and serious about getting to work,” True Texas Project CEO Julie McCarty wrote in an emailed response to questions from the San Antonio Report. “It’s been a real encouragement.”

Bexar County gave Democrat Beto O’Rourke 58% of its vote in November’s midterm election, replaced retiring Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff with another Democrat, Peter Sakai and wiped out the county’s last remaining Republican-held judgeships.

But gerrymandering has left few true political battlegrounds at any level of government in Texas, meaning most races are now decided in the primary regardless of the area’s overall political tilt.


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