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Chip Roy: GOP House Speaker fight is about ENDING THE SWAMP

GLENN: Well, A, I appreciate that. And I hope that America responds. I think the Karl Roves of the world are thinking that people like you, are going to get the a lot of calls and deluge at your office today saying, don't you dare. You'll always be McCarthy. I think the other will happen. Because I'm done, Chip.

I'm done.

When the Senate passed the omnibus bill, I was done. If you guys don't have the freedom to investigate and the teeth and the back bone to actually do things in the interest of all Americans, why did we vote for any Republicans?

CHIP: Well, Glenn, that's the question. That's the central question. People have been asking. What's the message?

And I tried to deliver a message on the floor of the House last night. And what we're fighting for, are the tools and the leadership necessary to stop the swamp from rolling over the average American, who are sick and tired of seeing this town undermine their freedom, spend money we don't have, and continue to violate every promise they've ever made in the campaign. I'm going to come up and I'm going to cut spending. We're going to balance the budget. We're going to secure the border.

Bull. You saw what happened unfold with that ridiculous $1.7 trillion bill.

There was no real significant pushback from the House leadership, when Mitch McConnell stuck it to the American people, made it impossible for us to secure the border.

Took away our leverage. And did it so that the current DC establishment can get what they wanted, in terms of a big spending bill. For the defense complex. And it jammed through something, that the American people didn't want. That's what we have to stop, Glenn. That's what this is about.


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